Yellow Fringe


How did the Transnational Progressives hiding behind the Yellow Fringe take away OUR $$$$?

Let's digress a little bit here and go back to pg 38 titled " Historic Checklist of how the Transnational Progressives using the umbrella of the Yellow Fringe took away our wealth, privacy, and freedoms".  Then please come back to this point!  

I'm going to start this section by letting you know that when the Transnational Progressives had taken ownership of U.S.A. INC. and took away its sovereign law and replaced it with the commercial laws of the Yellow Fringe, their next plan was to set up America's stock exchange using the laws of the Yellow Fringe.

However, before starting this endeavor in America, stock exchanges were set up all around the world.  By doing this, the TNP had to create a creative way to get conservative money from individuals' hands into their hands.  Most money was in conservative land banks that had conservative customers like farmers and industrial workers.  

First, they had a plan to incorporate the stock exchanges using their own Private commercial law instead of the sovereign law they took from us.  Then they set up corporations for their own accounts.  Then by using their own commercial laws, they enforced the rules of playing the stock market.  All around the world there would be hundreds of trillions of dollars that would be shaken from the conservative customers and conservative banks and into the hands of wall-street banks.

How did they get the customers to do it? They first created a "vocabulary" in their industry that only they could understand.  And if a customer was persuaded to move their money into the stock market, they would be put into a position to rely on the "vocabulary" and the so-called "trust" of the Investment Bankers or Financial Planners or Stock Brokers.

And because of this VOCABULARY from these so- called "experts", customers felt intimidated or felt they had less intelligence than the crooks.  The majority of customers didn't even know what questions to ask about their own investments they were being put into.  And if you didn't understand the investment "vocabulary" as they saw it, you would have to do what they said with YOUR money. Smart and devious, huh!  And boy, if you kept questioning what they did with your money they had an option to fire you as a client or move your account to another broker, broker dealer or financial "expert".  In the prior two blogs your author tells you about the "experts" and how to avoid them and how they really DON'T look out for you. Monday we will discuss this even closer.  Is any of this starting to make sense?  If NOT, download FREE from our web-site the PDF format of Yellow Fringe.  Your Author promises to connect the dots!