Yellow Fringe


Especially For You!

This book was written to help people understand the forces in their lives that CHEAT them out of both economic and spiritual happiness.  These are the forces that CONTROL us and LURE us to settle for less. The Author has endeavored to use examples that are meaningful. Every effort has been made to help the reader develop a foundation with the understanding of why and how our country is where it is today.  We know politicians lie.  So where do we turn to?  The same old lie's or seek out the Yellow Fringe for truth.

The reader is reminded that knowledge must be applied in order to understand the true meaning of how all of this affects you and your family economically within your household.  It requires focus and urgency! Picking up the pages of a book sometimes isn't fun, especially if the subject matter focuses of your livelihood.  But if you are willing to devote your energies to answers, you will be rewarded beyond your greatest expectations.

Each step in the right direction brings change in one's life.  Each day is the first day of the rest of your life.  Yellow Fringe is a statement, an offer, and guidelines all in one.  It is the product of the author's personal life experiences, observations, knowledge and philosophy.  The author is not an "expert" Experts claim to have all the answers, but they can't demonstrate proof in their own lives.  They suffer from ignorance despite their knowledge.  They talk the talk, but they don't know how to walk the walk.

Attorneys, politicians and the "know-it-alls" will not be fond of this book.  They may scoff and belittle, and even accuse the author of lies and oversimplification.  These people will demand even "more proof."  Their demands will be ignored, Its contents can benefit anyone who is seeking TRUTH.  We can an MUST do better for ourselves!