Yellow Fringe


Capitalism a thing of the past!

Today's post is going to be short but, with a lot of meat and potatoes.  What happened to our country financially?  How did we become socialist.  Simple, the states excepted excessive grant funding which over time made it impossible for capitalism to survive or compete.  It is very hard for the average person to walk into a bank and get a loan.  So what do they do?  Look for other options.  Options such as raising capital/fundraising.  And with that in mind, at worse case, go look for government cheese.  If you can get it for free run to the government.   

When the laws of the Yellow Fringe were passed loosely for Grant Funds, all hell broke loose for the average guy and banks.  How could a traditional capitalistic business compete with grant funding.  You can't!

 Picture this... Your a foreigner from like say the Philippines.  You come to America and want to start a business in good old U.S.A.  What you do is get a non- pay back government funded loan.  So. if government grant (cheese) money is given away like candy then why go to the bank.  And when I get that FREE money and if the business goes to hell, I don't have to pay the money back.  The final out come... Money floods our economy with grant funds and puts an end to capitalism as we know it.  That's where we stand today.

On top of all of that, lets talk about the ABUSE of grant funded money.  Keep in mind as you read, this is just the small list.  Hundreds of billions are in the money bag and all you have to do is grab it for free.  The $100,000 dollar question is... "Who has to pay it back?  We do the Economic Slaves!  But wait there is more.  Most of this money is allocated to the friends who start these marvelous business's from there buddies at the federal, state or city levels.  Here we go!

In 2011 Television advertising during the Super Bowl for the U.S. Census was 2.5 million.

Federal grants were awarded to test ways to control private home appliances in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, from an off-site computer: $820,000.

Free government cheese for the preservation of Greatful Dead memorabilia: $610,000.

Medicare payments to clinics that had never treated one soul because they exist only on paper: $38 million.

Go to any search engine and type in government waste of grant money.  AND don't forget we have to pay for it!  After reading this blog please read the others.