Yellow Fringe


Historic and Current Checklist of how the Transnational Progressives using the Umbrella of the Yellow Fringe Took our Wealth, Privacy, Nation, Law, and Freedom!

* Use the PRIVATE law of the commercial Yellow Fringe to secretly incorporate the united States, the nation, to U.S.A. INC.

> Find a nation of sovereign citizens with natural law, incorporate their country, and convert all natural citizens to "commercial citizens under the Yellow Fringe.

> Use the private commercial legislative laws to set up stock exchanges BOTH domestic and abroad.

> Use the private YELLOW FRINGE corporate commercial contracts to get people to invest their safe hard earned money into risky investments and/or by charging high fees on their mutual funds so their money can't compound interest.

> Use the private YELLOW FRINGE laws to control all the people commercially instead of having them live there life under natural law, God's Law-Constitutional Law and Common Law.

> Use YELLOW FRINGE legislative laws enforced by U.S.A. INC, to control the states by loaning them grant money, thus trapping all states in debt making them a part of the "accommodation party" so that they can't repay.  This is how the FEDERAL government supersedes the states. They have the states mortgaged with grants (loan) money to the hilt, lock, stock and barrel.

> Control the people commercially within the states by enforcing the same capital letter law scam "system" that was used to incorporate U.S.A. INC.

> Have the Yellow Fringe flags in every courtroom in all the states to signify to everybody that is working in the courtroom that they are under the PRIVATE umbrella of the Yellow Fringe- Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) know today from "historic revisionism" as Statutory Law.

> Pass Yellow Fringe commercial finance laws to allow Wall Street products to be sold by representatives within normal land banks, thus diverting and competing for conservative monies which would end up in the Wall Street banks which are controlled by the Transnational Progressives.

> Find a person (using Yellow Fringe laws) who is already a Transnational Progressive to start setting up economic commerce in America.  The TNP control the law and from that they control all commerce.

Trap other countries either by using military or economic might into commercial Yellow Fringe free trade agreements.

> Have a plan from the Transnational Progressives to conquer and divide the people of all nations and cause Yellow Fringe chaos. The idea, if you can mix populations it will be easier to control them economically because through grants, they'll have to rely on the Yellow Fringe.

> Design a plan using and passing legislation to confuse people of their religion, morals, and core values.

> Expand our plan to control labor, credit and the mortgage markets,

> Create on paper an entire step-by-step- plan to carry this all out including taking over all citizens' rights, free speech, wealth, privacy, moral, core values, law and country.

> Use the same Yellow Fringe laws to create a world wide government!  All countries will be controlled under the Yellow Fringe.