Yellow Fringe


How did the Transnational Progressives using the government of America take away our Constitution and Sovereign laws.

What exactly is the Yellow Fringe? I can tell you for a fact that it is NOT a conspiracy. That was put to rest just under thirty years ago. So, now that that's out of the way.  I can say that every person who has read Yellow Fringe understands what happened to BOTH our country and law.  Today, were going to talk about the Yellow Fringe. After following me, then ask yourself, does this make sense?

I'm not one who writes much about the constitution but, I completely understand everything there is to know about that precious document. But, for those who do not understand it's meaning you must.  

Definition of Constitutional Law- is a government by or operating under an authoritative document that sets forth the system of fundamental basic laws and moral principal that always determines nature's functions and limits of government.

Definition of Common Law for the original 50 states- a nation or state founded on law backed and united by the people for common good.

You must first understand that just shortly after the Act of 1871, all citizens were under the impression that they (and we still due) think that we are under constitutional law- common law. So mean while back at the ranch, the Transnational Progressives' think tanks and lawyers had a big dilemma on their hands.  They had figure out a way to phase in a new corporate commercial "system" of law for their newly incorporated country which is known in this writing as the Yellow Fringe.

This new law would fool the people into thinking they were still under both constitutional and common law when in fact they weren't. The old laws that our founding fathers wrote had to be phased out slowly over generations so, that the people wouldn't notice the economic erosion of their rights, wealth, freedoms and privileges guaranteed to them under constitutional law or there would be a revolution. 

The law they found was an old historic international private "commercial" law that was drafted by the owners of the Dutch East Indian Company.  This law through "Historic Revisionism" was codified into what was known as Admiralty or Maritime Law.  This private corporate commercial law dates back from the early 16th century which governs banking affairs and merchant relationships (Not Civil Affairs) between other corporations and countries, including military ships from other countries that import and export goods and services in international waters.

This International law was also know as the Yellow Fringe.  During this time period the Dutch East Indian Company was the power house of shipping goods and services by sea.  The majority of ships from various countries from all parts of the world who conducted business within the waters had to obey this PRIVATE "commercial" law.

All corporate and country ships, including military ships, had "yellow golden fringe" around their country flag poles to let other ships know it was safe to dock in a foreign country with goods and services.  If there was not "yellow fringe" around the flag of a ship, it was considered hostile and would not be allowed to dock.  It was also known as the law to recognize pirates. 

This old "commercial" law of the high seas of the past was brought on shore illegally by the Transnational Progressives and into the courtrooms of all fifty states of the union. Making them commercial courtrooms operating under commercial law instead of sovereign law. It is known today as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) or Statutory law.

The Transnational Progressive revised and implemented this devious law to replace our constitution and sovereign law. This old "system" of private "commercial" law was also know to our patriots as the Yellow Fringe.  This "system" of law would also be used to change the sovereign States of the union into commercial corporations.  This law would soon be used to take away our rights, wealth and privacy.  And it is the abuse of this law that is causing all the chaos in our country and for President Trump. Our founding fathers well knew if this law got into the wrong hands, our future and grandchildren"s future would be destroyed and we would be ECONOMIC SLAVES.  Look around were they wrong?  Are we living the same way they did BEFORE they came to America. This was the most IMPORTANT reason why they came to America!  Taxation was second..  PREVIEW: In our next blog you will learn how they used this same  commercial law to take the sovereignty of our fifty states.. What a betrayal!