Yellow Fringe


HOW WE BECAME ECONOMIC SLAVES... To pay back the debt they rack up!

As mentioned earlier in this writing, we are ECONOMIC SLAVES and the reason is that U.S.A. ( notice the caps) has been bankrupt for a long time.

The government has no gold or silver to back up what's left of our paper and thin air currency as required by the Constitution. The ONLY asset left to pay back the debt that they rack up is "US." So how does the U.S. finance its daily operation's.  Understand that this doesn't only apply to American citizens, but to the majority of citizens in other nations - soon to be all nations.

Another part of the Transnational Progressives deviant plan is that they use the people as collateral to pay back the credit? HOW? (1) by credit/financial schemes (2) They register each and and every citizen both domestic and abroad in international commerce by selling bonds on them. The people become the surety on the bonds, for the "pledge" to pay back the debt. The bonded  (surety) is the labor of the people which is payable at some undetermined future date. Thus, the people become the "utility" for the "transmission" of energy.

This is a very sophisticated form of peonage of economic slavery.  What's left of the Constitution does not apply because the government, on all levels, is thrown into commercial international commerce. Why? It's because of that PRIVATE separate commercial law that I have mentioned in this writing, instead of common law.

It is the Transnational Progressives that placed the country/corporate entity of U.S.A. INC into this private Maritime international law known as the Yellow Fringe. Sections 2-105 (1) and 9-105 (I) of the Uniform Commercial Code which defines "goods" that are sold in commerce. Go to the the book Yellow Fringe and read pg 85 and 86.  I MUST warn you that, when you do read these pages it will just be another betrayal of the hundreds that you have read about in this book.