Yellow Fringe




Why did our founding fathers run from Europe to America?

It was because of taxation, terrible economic conditions and they didn't want to be economic slaves to commercial law.

History shows that from 1602 through 1945 government officials and tyrants complained about the Transnational Progressives commercial "economic" invasion.  The Transnational Progressives together were the money mongers who would go country to country, set up stock exchanges and buy other countries' assets. Their money stockpile was worth more than all countries combined during this time and still is.

There was once even a crazy tyrant named Adolf Hitler who saw economic PRIVATIZATION coming.  He saw it and was extremely outraged at the Transnational Progressives. They had bought Germany's entire Des-Plains railroad system right from under their nose. Instead of blaming the problem on a small group of people, he took it out on an entire race. Which was totally inexcusable. What were some of the lessons learned from this tragedy?

Commercial laws and commercial stock exchanges during this time period did exist. Leaders and officials from other countries saw the THREAT of a world dominance of country and citizen economic takeovers by the TNP'S use of their own private commercial law. These leaders realized that the wars of the future were going to be won mostly with "economic" commercial smarts/might rather than military might.


* The goal of the Transnational Progressives is to strip all countries of their sovereignty, constitutions, religious and international laws and replace it with the private YELLOW FRINGE law.  Does this all make sense? If not go to and learn the truth of how Americans lost their rights, freedom, country, sovereign, common and constitutional law..