Yellow Fringe


The President recently said in an Interview - the "SYSTEM" is broke and is the problem.. Why?

NOT even the President... admits he can fix the system!   Prior to 1938 the majority of businesses were sole proprietorship's. This is when America was great. Do you know why? In those days when you started a business you had to use your own Social Security number.  Meaning if anything went wrong you were held accountable.  All of a sudden people woke up and started to realize that corporations were being formed. They called it the C Corporation.

The CHAOS came when CORPORATIONS started having more rights than people.  You see when you start a corporation, it is given it's own EIN number. A EIN number is like a social security number but it's only for corporations.  Let's cut to the chase!  There is NO... accountability from the individuals who hide behind corporations running the ego-nomic political show.  I would encourage all to listen to the audio podcast of the book Yellow Fringe by the Unknown Author at  

Our rights, our country, our sovereign law, privacy and wealth have been taken away from us.  The Transnational Progressives are the ones who hide behind the commercial laws of the "system" known as the Yellow Fringe..  Listen to this statistic... 98% of all Americans in the United States don't trust politicians or the system.  Do you know why? Do you care?  If not you better! You and I both now know that our kids and grandchildren are going to left in a world with no economic hope. The numbers don't lie. Yellow Fringe shows us how we got in this mess.  The Yellow Fringe Network show us how we can get out of it.  Take the YELLOW FRINGE CHALLENGE...  download the 5th edition.  It's for FREE.  The CHOICE is yours.