Yellow Fringe


Quit deceiving mankind and tell the people the TRUTH about the Yellow Fringe!

So that we have no confusion, I will make 2 POST on twitter for the world to see. Then I want you to come back and read this blog.  Let's talk in simple terms so that the American people and the rest of the world will understand.  There is a group of individuals called the Transnational Progressives.  They are the string pullers that control Presidents and other government officials of all countries by using the Yellow Fringe to accomplish their agenda.  These people hide behind country "commercial" charters.  With their own law they took over our Nation and turned it into a Corporation. You see this law is the economic law that other countries feared while in the meeting in the Hague in 1963.  All of the countries that where present were against the the United States having their own PRIVATE commercial law.  Why?  It's because they could use that law to take over other countries economically.  

They could buy other countries assets, buy news reporting agencies and control everybody economically.  They used the "commercial" laws of the Yellow Fringe to set up stock exchanges throughout the world to take away the wealth of the people both past and present.  They used the Yellow Fringe to take away our freedom and privacy.  By using this private law they allowed cell companies to gather private information on us.  And because of this intentional misuse of this law they steal from us.  Cyber crime over the last 3 years has been 450 billion annually.  The Transnational Progressives forced political officials to pass the laws of the Yellow Fringe pertaining to health care.  Health care that is now mandatory.  And what happens if you don't have it?  You get fined or at the end of the year they take it from your taxes.   

When you created this law you said to the rest of the world were coming after your wealth and we will make every citizen an ECONOMIC SLAVE.  So, when your at the next ball game to take your hat off or to salute the flag, which flag are you saluting to?  The nation we once had is an actual corporation.  Many Americans will never forgive this betrayal it makes them sick to their stomach.  It's always been about economics to the Transnational Progressives.  MONEY is their GOD and the world is suffering for it.