Yellow Fringe



March 18, 2009

I'm Ricky Jackson. In the last five years, I've been proud to be a member of the YFC Club. I care about my country. With the help of the club, all of us  (with our voice) will become the middle man for communication to the White House even though the club is not political. My eyes have been opened.  As an African American, I'm seeing huge strides being made in this country with the help of the Unknown Author.  I don't like the fact that the physical body of every person is commercial under the Yellow Fringe.  I'm confident that will change!  So far under every President it hasn't.  I'm very concerned with my children's economic future.  I remember when I grew up you looked for a company that paid good benefits, good wages and they paid for all of your health insurance benefits.  Until the Unknown Author shared his writings, I didn't realize that almost five months of my yearly check goes to paying taxes. 

I owned a car detailing business for years.  I personally detailed my car with the Yellow Fringe membership logo. I'm stopped here in Denver traffic almost every-day rolling down my window and people asking me, "What is the Yellow Fringe Club?" I love the YFC Gear, hat and t-shirts, all of it! As a big fan, I also realize that your voice counts more than the vote.  To this day I receive Inside Edge every month for FREE. I follow the guidelines suggested to not only protect my family economically, but in my opinion, I realize this is the only way left to be heard with action taking place.

What I like is that everything is anonymous.  I'm constantly checking my phone and waiting for the Unknown Author to come to my city or to see when the next radio or podcast interview is, or when the next message of what the fifth protocol is going to be.  I motivate others by helping them understand what we can do to get out of this mess.  After reading three editions of Yellow Fringe, I can't wait for the fourth.  I hope this letter gets read by the Unknown Author personally and at worse case,  I would like to thank him for all that he has done for mankind.  This was a new form of education for me. The Unknown Author is a man who understands how the government works, the ins and outs, and who is behind it.  These step-by-step guidelines are priceless.  I truly believe God works through him (like he does many of us) to deliver the message of Yellow Fringe.  He is motivating our country! The best thing that I've done in my life was to get my hands on a copy of the book and then join the club.  I heard the new website is being revised. My prayers go out to all.


April 16, 2014 - YFC Club member- "I'm a manager at one of the largest credit card companies.  I wanted to share with the club the bottom line of how we make most of our money.  Today there are 45% of credit card holders who just pay the monthly minimum payment to get out of debt.  For each $1,000 dollars you owe and if you pay just the min payment it will take you eleven years of your life to pay it back. Now that may not be new - news to your but after spending more than 100 million dollars lobbying for eight years, the top ten cred card companies finally succeeded in pushing the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, making it almost impossible for average folks to bankrupt debt.  "Why is this member telling us this?" His reply, "I just don't like see people taken advantage of."

May 10, 1999 - YFC Club member- I hope that this message gets to the Unknown Author.  I have followed you since the late 1980's. The guidelines in the book and solutions within the club have had me reassess my family's priorities.  Thank you for all that you have done! Yellow Fringe is a personal road map for all people who live in our country.  Our country is in crisis and it doesn't matter who gets elected.  It's all about the commercial laws of the Yellow Fringe.  All of his predictions have come true.  The message is so valuable.

June 4, 2001 - YFC Club member - "I'm a thirty-three year old mother of three.  When I became a fan is when I actually got my hands on every edition that has come out.  I don't vote any more.  And due to the help of other members not just domestic but worldwide, I'm starting to realize the my voice does finally count. There is a Paradigm shift because of the efforts of one man. the Unknown Author.  I have a great job but realize due to the things that are happening to our country and to all of us economically and financially I am deeply concerned.  The actions of the Transnational Progressives are offensive to me.  I'm so happy this club has made more of a difference than the people in Washington.  Our voice has done so much more than when I was voting.  I enjoy seeing REAL behind the scenes change.   When I turn on the TV and see who the candidates are and all the hoop-la, I express all of my concerns to the club and miracles happen.  I am proud to be American without the politics.  Our founding fathers would be proud of this man.