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ATTENTION: Whether or NOT you treat this writing as an EMERGENCY is up to you.  Now that the election is over, here is how most Americans still feel.. First,  I'm going to ask that you put down the cell phone, turn off the video game, and stop watching your favorite TV show and hear this message.

The talk at work, at social gatherings, churches, coffee shops, and behind close doors is... What's happening to our country?  Why can't I afford health care?  Why don't I have privacy anymore?  Where did free speech go?  Why do I have to live on credit cards?  What about jobs, my kids' college education, health care, and living paycheck to paycheck?  Why are there so many "illegals" crossing the borders into the United States and other border crossings worldwide? Why are there so many cities and countries going bankrupt. What is happening to religion? 

A 32 year old man, still in the prime of his life, once told me, "Id" like to get the hell out of this country.  I don't like the government controlling every aspect of my life." By the way, he fought for us in Iraq. The MAJORITY of Americans feel this way.  However, the television networks and the media seem to pay more attention to MINORITY opinions making them look good and fine when it's not. We all know that what we see on TV is true, right?  What's sad is that people are intimidated by our own government.

I saw a lady lose it emotionally when her child said, "Mom, is it OK to be gay?" She replied, "What?!  His reply, "It's a class slogan from school ad that slogan said 'IT'S OK TO BE GAY!'.  "What kind of message does that send to the MAJORITY of us?  All of these events and examples above have an answer to them.  The "specific" answer to these problems plus much, much more can be found reading or listening to the podcast of Yellow Fringe.

You see these people are NOT government haters or right wingers.  They're just average folks like you and I.  Most of the people in society believe that DRASTIC change has to be made to the "system" in our country.  And that the President is nothing more than a puppet hiding behind the power of the Transnational Progressives.  They are tired of listening to the same BS that comes out of every President's mouth. But mostly, they're tired of the system.  

Here's the catch... NONE of you that I have spoken to and have listened to for over 30 years is CRAZY!  I will confirm that you are NOT right wingers or government haters for feeling the way that you do.  I promise, Yellow Fringe will show you step-by-step how "they" not "we" got us into this mess.  Did I also tell you that the majority of us can't even afford t pay for a flight or a hotel when one of our loved ones is sick or is about to die?  Out of all the statistics that come across my desk every day, that one is VERY bothersome.

One out of every two people in our country doesn't even have $300 dollars left at the end of the month after paying bills.  Here is the final blow: When we die the doctors and hospitals take the last of what of what we have left. Sad but true! 

It's IMPORTANT that you take your time and absorb the MESSAGE of Yellow Fringe.  As you continue to read on, your earlier questions will be answered.  Such as...


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