Yellow Fringe


People Appreciate the Unknown Author's audio version and book Yellow Fringe

"Not since the phrase, "Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall' has a message been so compelling? This is the the 2nd Greatest story ever told." - Thomas Clark, Investment Banker.

"This masterpiece is very informative. What a betrayal!  I personally will never go out and vote.  I realize that my voice counts now more than ever." - Geraldine Spector, Detroit, Michigan

"Yellow Fringe is a road map that everybody can understand.  It took me one hour to read it.  The Unknown Author shows us the specific reason of why and how our country is where it is at today. This book is very compelling.  It shows the reader step-by-step how the Transnational Progressives robbed all of us of our liberties, wealth, freedoms, and privacy--soon to be free speech, and then gave America away."   -Larry Myers, Vienna, Austria

"It all makes sense now after reading this book and listening to the FREE audio series on the web-site, I felt depressed! The Unknown Author gives us a new knowledge.  A knowledge that can't be taught in school. They took the future away from everybody and lied to us all.  He truly is our future's founding father. It's our duty to help him help us in any way that we can.  God bless!"  -Juliette MacDonald, Silver, Springs

"I realize today after reading Yellow Fringe it is my belief this writing removes the majority of the 'pie in the sky' conspiracies of the past. The Transnational Progressives are the source to all of the chaos that is happening worldwide.  The Unknown Authors gift is helping others.  He shows us how we got into this mess and how we can get out of it without the intervention of mainstream media and politics. And that is no joke!" - Jack Clavert, Orem, Utah