Yellow Fringe


While in a room full of politicians The Unknown Author revealed the 1 thing that would change America's Economic Situation...

Today's blog will be a short blog.   I was proud while in the earlier years of my life to have worked in politics.  Here is what happened.  There were many politicians both (Republican and Democrat) that were sitting in what they liked to call the think tank room. Opinions were bounced around from each and everyone of us.

Then my turn came... I was asked,  "What would you do to change America if you had the chance?  My answer was this- Ban CORPORATIONS with an executive order".  As I spoke with authority they SHUNNED completely away from me.  Many got up from the room.  This is the ace in the hole that they have on us.  You see hiding behind corporations is how they pad their pocketbooks.  Just this ONE act would put America on an honest course of action that we all need.  

A COURSE to where everybody would have to play by the same set of rules and level the playing field.  If a President were to do this courageous act, he would literally have to ride in a "bullet proof" like Pope mobile.  Coming this June when I write Inside Edge, I will speak more about this in detail.  YELLOW FRINGE by the Unknown Author is NOT some conspiracy it's FACT. You can decide!

You see Yellow Fringe has been around for over 30 years.  It's all about education right?  It's all about truth right?  For now, I encourage each and every person to go to you-tube in the search bar and type in maritime law, The U.C.C. or Admiralty law.  Watch videos.. learn, learn and learn. Then read Yellow Fringe. Then type in any search engine, The "two" united States or the united States within the United States by Howard Freeman.  By the way the "u" is not a typo as you will see by reading Yellow Fringe. { I want you to tweet the President and ask him, "Will you write and executive order banning CORPORATIONS?" } I would have to bet the farm he would side step it.  This is how we as Americans can know for sure if "WE" have a President who is actually working on our economic behalf.