Yellow Fringe


Why is America in Chaos? The Specific reason by the Unknown Author

The U.C.C Connection

     Throughout this podcast and writing of Yellow Fringe your author has alluded to and pointed out that our legal "system" is in serious trouble.  The problem is that WE have two "parallel" systems operating side by side - one constitutional, the other unconstitutional- the latter being the SOURCE of MOST of the troubles we labor under everyday of our lives - as well as the social injustice emanating from the attorney - controlled courts of "corporate" America. Because when TRUTH is cast aside, societies become corrupt and the people suffer "unnecessarily" - and in vain!  Citizens labor under layers of mistruths and half truths relating to law, health, medicine, finances and politics - an the fastest way to expose a lie is to tell the truth! 


P.S. Why do Americans salute the "flag" when they recite the pledge of allegiance or take off their hat at a ball game or church?  Want to better understand the events of 9/11? Do you wonder why the "flag of peace" is on the cover of this book instead of the "flag" you know?  Read Yellow Fringe until the light bulb clicks on! Listen to our network's weekly series, "Man on the Street" soon in podcast -  but most importantly, wait for the 5th Guideline from the Unknown Author.