Yellow Fringe


Two Events that Changed My Life

In the 1990’s while in Las Vegas, Nevada with my friends that were known back then as the power house lawyers of wall-street, I witnessed idea after idea brought to the “Venture Capital Expo”. Entrepreneurs were waiting in long lines to give their product’s pitch in hopes of getting financing. These were people who had come from all over the world to pitch their DREAMS. I had never witnessed so many egos in one room in my life. It was like dogs asking the master for a bone. And the BONE was MONEY! 

Entrepreneurs were literally begging for financing and 9 out of 10 were turned away…It was a huge opportunity for me to get to know and meet people in the industry. It is a known fact that if you wanted to obtain capital from a Venture Capitalist, you had to sell your “soul” to the devil… meaning giving up a big portion or your company and a HUGE out of pocket expense in exchange for the capital. 

Thousands of people yearly are turned away by Venture Capitalists. There is a knowledge and vocabulary barrier between the DREAMER and the MONEYMAN. As I looked over at the booth that was next to me, I notice an older man who was looking to raise money for his book. I looked at my buddies and said, “Let’s go see how much money this guy is looking to raise.” 

While in the middle of this conversation, Howard went on to tell me about his ancestry and how some of his family’s heritage was a big driving force behind the victory (freedom) of America’s independence. To tell you the truth, my first impression of him was that he was one of those screaming Constitutional idiots. As I listened further, many members of this person’s “historic” family were killed fighting in the actual war of America’s independence. 

His family’s heritage was truly American and so was he. He wasn’t a lawyer. However, I must admit my friends were impressed on how much he knew about law both inside and out