Yellow Fringe


Introduction by Wendell Cheney

Former County Judge

I must say I was intrigued when I met the Unknown Author. I did learn a lot from him when it pertained to “historic” law. Our conversations on some days were long and extensive. 

I did not want to face the fact that our country was a corporation instead of a sovereign nation. It was also hard for me to accept the origins of how our system of law was founded and what it had turned into! 

They say that everybody can learn from another person in life and what I learned from this individual was bothersome but it made sense. We would stay up some nights thumbing through stacks of historic law books. It was difficult for me sometimes to have these conversations with him. I kept wondering what my father would have thought of this if he were alive today. 

During my time spent with the Unknown Author we knew each other on a personal level as well. I understood why he chose to remain anonymous. His father, like mine, fought in the wars of the past. The time that we spent on discussing this subject matter was very personal to me. It was a subject matter that was very informative, meticulous, intense and educational. 

- Wendell Cheney