Yellow Fringe


Author’s Introductory Comments

Author’s Introductory Comments

To The 5th Edition of Yellow Fringe!


This 5th edition marks a major “PARADIGM” shift from prior editions. Seven new sections have been added to this book. The book has been TOTALLY rewritten for the average layperson to actually read and visualize the information given.

Readers of earlier editions will benefit by reading this 5th edition in the order written and in its ENTIRETY. New information is contained on almost every page of the book.

Please pay close attention to the “open box” sections that your author believes are key visual meanings that will be of extreme importance to you and look closely at the guidelines open box on page 90.

Your author is taking full personal responsibility for a grammatically correct and hopefully error free 5th edition. Typographical errors are the territory of the “proof-reader”! Context and continuity issues are the author’s responsibility. It is my hopes that both existing and new readers enjoy these improvements.

At any time feel free to use the blue links provided for you. It is a tool that is used by many to go back and forth to prior page SECTIONS that help you make connections to the “dots” provided. I have added both prior and present economic predictions to this edition to show progression so that the reader can understand clearly from the beginning to the present as to what is happening all around us. For radio and podcast interviews feel free to contact your author or feel free to express your concerns at the YFC MAILBAGTM link below.