Yellow Fringe


Capitalism a thing of the past!

Today's post is going to be short but, with a lot of meat and potatoes.  What happened to our country financially?  How did we become socialist.  Simple, the states excepted excessive grant funding which over time made it impossible for capitalism to survive or compete.  It is very hard for the average person to walk into a bank and get a loan.  So what do they do?  Look for other options.  Options such as raising capital/fundraising.  And with that in mind, at worse case, go look for government cheese.  If you can get it for free run to the government.   

When the laws of the Yellow Fringe were passed loosely for Grant Funds, all hell broke loose for the average guy and banks.  How could a traditional capitalistic business compete with grant funding.  You can't!

 Picture this... Your a foreigner from like say the Philippines.  You come to America and want to start a business in good old U.S.A.  What you do is get a non- pay back government funded loan.  So. if government grant (cheese) money is given away like candy then why go to the bank.  And when I get that FREE money and if the business goes to hell, I don't have to pay the money back.  The final out come... Money floods our economy with grant funds and puts an end to capitalism as we know it.  That's where we stand today.

On top of all of that, lets talk about the ABUSE of grant funded money.  Keep in mind as you read, this is just the small list.  Hundreds of billions are in the money bag and all you have to do is grab it for free.  The $100,000 dollar question is... "Who has to pay it back?  We do the Economic Slaves!  But wait there is more.  Most of this money is allocated to the friends who start these marvelous business's from there buddies at the federal, state or city levels.  Here we go!

In 2011 Television advertising during the Super Bowl for the U.S. Census was 2.5 million.

Federal grants were awarded to test ways to control private home appliances in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, from an off-site computer: $820,000.

Free government cheese for the preservation of Greatful Dead memorabilia: $610,000.

Medicare payments to clinics that had never treated one soul because they exist only on paper: $38 million.

Go to any search engine and type in government waste of grant money.  AND don't forget we have to pay for it!  After reading this blog please read the others.  



Historic and Current Checklist of how the Transnational Progressives using the Umbrella of the Yellow Fringe Took our Wealth, Privacy, Nation, Law, and Freedom!

* Use the PRIVATE law of the commercial Yellow Fringe to secretly incorporate the united States, the nation, to U.S.A. INC.

> Find a nation of sovereign citizens with natural law, incorporate their country, and convert all natural citizens to "commercial citizens under the Yellow Fringe.

> Use the private commercial legislative laws to set up stock exchanges BOTH domestic and abroad.

> Use the private YELLOW FRINGE corporate commercial contracts to get people to invest their safe hard earned money into risky investments and/or by charging high fees on their mutual funds so their money can't compound interest.

> Use the private YELLOW FRINGE laws to control all the people commercially instead of having them live there life under natural law, God's Law-Constitutional Law and Common Law.

> Use YELLOW FRINGE legislative laws enforced by U.S.A. INC, to control the states by loaning them grant money, thus trapping all states in debt making them a part of the "accommodation party" so that they can't repay.  This is how the FEDERAL government supersedes the states. They have the states mortgaged with grants (loan) money to the hilt, lock, stock and barrel.

> Control the people commercially within the states by enforcing the same capital letter law scam "system" that was used to incorporate U.S.A. INC.

> Have the Yellow Fringe flags in every courtroom in all the states to signify to everybody that is working in the courtroom that they are under the PRIVATE umbrella of the Yellow Fringe- Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) know today from "historic revisionism" as Statutory Law.

> Pass Yellow Fringe commercial finance laws to allow Wall Street products to be sold by representatives within normal land banks, thus diverting and competing for conservative monies which would end up in the Wall Street banks which are controlled by the Transnational Progressives.

> Find a person (using Yellow Fringe laws) who is already a Transnational Progressive to start setting up economic commerce in America.  The TNP control the law and from that they control all commerce.

Trap other countries either by using military or economic might into commercial Yellow Fringe free trade agreements.

> Have a plan from the Transnational Progressives to conquer and divide the people of all nations and cause Yellow Fringe chaos. The idea, if you can mix populations it will be easier to control them economically because through grants, they'll have to rely on the Yellow Fringe.

> Design a plan using and passing legislation to confuse people of their religion, morals, and core values.

> Expand our plan to control labor, credit and the mortgage markets,

> Create on paper an entire step-by-step- plan to carry this all out including taking over all citizens' rights, free speech, wealth, privacy, moral, core values, law and country.

> Use the same Yellow Fringe laws to create a world wide government!  All countries will be controlled under the Yellow Fringe.


How did the Transnational Progressives using the government of America take away our Constitution and Sovereign laws.

What exactly is the Yellow Fringe? I can tell you for a fact that it is NOT a conspiracy. That was put to rest just under thirty years ago. So, now that that's out of the way.  I can say that every person who has read Yellow Fringe understands what happened to BOTH our country and law.  Today, were going to talk about the Yellow Fringe. After following me, then ask yourself, does this make sense?

I'm not one who writes much about the constitution but, I completely understand everything there is to know about that precious document. But, for those who do not understand it's meaning you must.  

Definition of Constitutional Law- is a government by or operating under an authoritative document that sets forth the system of fundamental basic laws and moral principal that always determines nature's functions and limits of government.

Definition of Common Law for the original 50 states- a nation or state founded on law backed and united by the people for common good.

You must first understand that just shortly after the Act of 1871, all citizens were under the impression that they (and we still due) think that we are under constitutional law- common law. So mean while back at the ranch, the Transnational Progressives' think tanks and lawyers had a big dilemma on their hands.  They had figure out a way to phase in a new corporate commercial "system" of law for their newly incorporated country which is known in this writing as the Yellow Fringe.

This new law would fool the people into thinking they were still under both constitutional and common law when in fact they weren't. The old laws that our founding fathers wrote had to be phased out slowly over generations so, that the people wouldn't notice the economic erosion of their rights, wealth, freedoms and privileges guaranteed to them under constitutional law or there would be a revolution. 

The law they found was an old historic international private "commercial" law that was drafted by the owners of the Dutch East Indian Company.  This law through "Historic Revisionism" was codified into what was known as Admiralty or Maritime Law.  This private corporate commercial law dates back from the early 16th century which governs banking affairs and merchant relationships (Not Civil Affairs) between other corporations and countries, including military ships from other countries that import and export goods and services in international waters.

This International law was also know as the Yellow Fringe.  During this time period the Dutch East Indian Company was the power house of shipping goods and services by sea.  The majority of ships from various countries from all parts of the world who conducted business within the waters had to obey this PRIVATE "commercial" law.

All corporate and country ships, including military ships, had "yellow golden fringe" around their country flag poles to let other ships know it was safe to dock in a foreign country with goods and services.  If there was not "yellow fringe" around the flag of a ship, it was considered hostile and would not be allowed to dock.  It was also known as the law to recognize pirates. 

This old "commercial" law of the high seas of the past was brought on shore illegally by the Transnational Progressives and into the courtrooms of all fifty states of the union. Making them commercial courtrooms operating under commercial law instead of sovereign law. It is known today as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) or Statutory law.

The Transnational Progressive revised and implemented this devious law to replace our constitution and sovereign law. This old "system" of private "commercial" law was also know to our patriots as the Yellow Fringe.  This "system" of law would also be used to change the sovereign States of the union into commercial corporations.  This law would soon be used to take away our rights, wealth and privacy.  And it is the abuse of this law that is causing all the chaos in our country and for President Trump. Our founding fathers well knew if this law got into the wrong hands, our future and grandchildren"s future would be destroyed and we would be ECONOMIC SLAVES.  Look around were they wrong?  Are we living the same way they did BEFORE they came to America. This was the most IMPORTANT reason why they came to America!  Taxation was second..  PREVIEW: In our next blog you will learn how they used this same  commercial law to take the sovereignty of our fifty states.. What a betrayal!






How did the Transnational Progressives hiding behind the Yellow Fringe take away OUR $$$$?

Let's digress a little bit here and go back to pg 38 titled " Historic Checklist of how the Transnational Progressives using the umbrella of the Yellow Fringe took away our wealth, privacy, and freedoms".  Then please come back to this point!  

I'm going to start this section by letting you know that when the Transnational Progressives had taken ownership of U.S.A. INC. and took away its sovereign law and replaced it with the commercial laws of the Yellow Fringe, their next plan was to set up America's stock exchange using the laws of the Yellow Fringe.

However, before starting this endeavor in America, stock exchanges were set up all around the world.  By doing this, the TNP had to create a creative way to get conservative money from individuals' hands into their hands.  Most money was in conservative land banks that had conservative customers like farmers and industrial workers.  

First, they had a plan to incorporate the stock exchanges using their own Private commercial law instead of the sovereign law they took from us.  Then they set up corporations for their own accounts.  Then by using their own commercial laws, they enforced the rules of playing the stock market.  All around the world there would be hundreds of trillions of dollars that would be shaken from the conservative customers and conservative banks and into the hands of wall-street banks.

How did they get the customers to do it? They first created a "vocabulary" in their industry that only they could understand.  And if a customer was persuaded to move their money into the stock market, they would be put into a position to rely on the "vocabulary" and the so-called "trust" of the Investment Bankers or Financial Planners or Stock Brokers.

And because of this VOCABULARY from these so- called "experts", customers felt intimidated or felt they had less intelligence than the crooks.  The majority of customers didn't even know what questions to ask about their own investments they were being put into.  And if you didn't understand the investment "vocabulary" as they saw it, you would have to do what they said with YOUR money. Smart and devious, huh!  And boy, if you kept questioning what they did with your money they had an option to fire you as a client or move your account to another broker, broker dealer or financial "expert".  In the prior two blogs your author tells you about the "experts" and how to avoid them and how they really DON'T look out for you. Monday we will discuss this even closer.  Is any of this starting to make sense?  If NOT, download FREE from our web-site the PDF format of Yellow Fringe.  Your Author promises to connect the dots!


Especially For You!

This book was written to help people understand the forces in their lives that CHEAT them out of both economic and spiritual happiness.  These are the forces that CONTROL us and LURE us to settle for less. The Author has endeavored to use examples that are meaningful. Every effort has been made to help the reader develop a foundation with the understanding of why and how our country is where it is today.  We know politicians lie.  So where do we turn to?  The same old lie's or seek out the Yellow Fringe for truth.

The reader is reminded that knowledge must be applied in order to understand the true meaning of how all of this affects you and your family economically within your household.  It requires focus and urgency! Picking up the pages of a book sometimes isn't fun, especially if the subject matter focuses of your livelihood.  But if you are willing to devote your energies to answers, you will be rewarded beyond your greatest expectations.

Each step in the right direction brings change in one's life.  Each day is the first day of the rest of your life.  Yellow Fringe is a statement, an offer, and guidelines all in one.  It is the product of the author's personal life experiences, observations, knowledge and philosophy.  The author is not an "expert" Experts claim to have all the answers, but they can't demonstrate proof in their own lives.  They suffer from ignorance despite their knowledge.  They talk the talk, but they don't know how to walk the walk.

Attorneys, politicians and the "know-it-alls" will not be fond of this book.  They may scoff and belittle, and even accuse the author of lies and oversimplification.  These people will demand even "more proof."  Their demands will be ignored, Its contents can benefit anyone who is seeking TRUTH.  We can an MUST do better for ourselves! 

Ask the Experts

If things that we are discussing are true- and they are- then we MUST learn to live defensively and think independently!  Trusted experts in government are not allowed to study or divulge anything that might subjugate monopolies, control over the courts, schools and the money supply system.  

Ignorance is a lame excuse that will NOT keep you in the "knowledge" loop. Commercial law is the total of all negative forces in your life.  So continue to think outside the box by going to the YFC MAILBAG and tell us how you feel about the things that are bothering you here in America...

Which leads us to our next topic.  I'm writing on immigration to silence the experts on what immigration really is..


First, we must understand how we became economic slaves to pay the debt that "they" racked up and continue to rack up!  As mentioned earlier in this writing, we are the ECONOMIC slaves in a "system" that is commercial.  U.S.A. INC. has been bankrupt for a long time.  The government has no gold or silver to back our system of money and they replaced it with thin- air currency.  The ONLY asset left to pay back the debt that they racked up is "US".  So how does the U.S. the corporation finance its daily operations?

Understand that this doesn't only apply to American citizens, but to the majority of citizens in other nations-soon to be all nations.  Another part of their deviant plan is that they use the people as "collateral" to pay back the debt. How? They register each and every born person both domestic and abroad in international commercial commerce by selling bonds on us.  The people then become the surety on the bonds, or the "pledge" to pay back the debt.  The bonded (surety) is the labor of the people which is payable at some undetermined future date.  Thus, "we" become the "utility" for the "transmission" of energy. 

This is a very sophisticated form of peonage of economic slavery.  What's left of the constitution does not apply because the government, on all levels, is thrown into commercial international commerce. Why? It's because of that PRIVATE separate commercial law that I have mentioned in this writing, instead of common law. 

It is the Transnational Progressives that placed the country/corporate entity of U.S.A. INC into this "private" Maritime international law known as the Yellow Fringe. Sections 2-105(1) and 9-105(I) of the Uniform Commercial Code defines "goods" as- animals and humans and their unborn offspring, as "goods" that are sellable in commerce.  When a baby is born in the United States of America Inc. a birth certificate is registered with the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the state of birth.  The key word is"registered" (See pages 43-44), as registered in international commerce.  The baby becomes the surety, whose energy is due at some future date.  When the birth certificate is registered in the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Department of Treasury issues a bond on the birth certificate that is worth 1 million dollars.  Why one million dollars?  When we are stuck in commerce to pay their debt, they use an accounting method that says when we are born as citizens that in our life time we will earn that amount of money.  Even if we don't earn that much in our life time, that is our projected earnings value. 

The bond is then sold on one of the stock exchanges. More than likely, it is bought by the Federal Reserve Bank, which then uses it as collateral in order to issue Federal Reserve Notes (dollars) or some form of "debt" obligation.  The bond is held in trust for the Federal Reserve at the Depository Trust Corporation.

When a person is born, their birth certificate is registered in commerce. When this certificate is registered, we become the commercial property of the state.  This separate entity, or alter ego, (THE ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME)  is also known as the "straw-man" (see Blacks Law 6th edition"accommodation party").  Therefore the right or the use has been separated from the title or deed.  The straw man holds title.  He belongs to the government's client who bought the title.  

The real you, man or woman, only has naked possession with the limited "right" to the thing.  We don't even own the title to our own bodies anymore.  (We did under sovereign law). Isn't that encouraging? How free are you now?  -- Back on page 65 your learned how the states became commercial entities. Now you just learned how we lost our rights, privacy and wealth.  They made us commercial under the commercial laws of the Yellow Fringe when we used to be free and sovereign! 

By us and the states being commercial, we have ALL been fooled into paying the Federal debt. No matter how much they spend, honest or dishonest- We have to pay because they FORCED it on us! It's absurd! It's INSANITY!

 Are the walls going up or down at the Mexican boarder?  Nobody knows! Who cares!  A wall hasn't made a difference up to this point. Do you know why?  The reason they started "the wall" was to appease mostly the older generation.  With the treaties that they have signed they have no intentions of finishing the wall.  And even if they did it wouldn't make a difference.  The wall is only for show.

In the last twelve years, it is estimated that over 21,351,000 have crossed the border REGARDLESS of what the news media shows.  Listen closely... The Transnational Progressives allows them to cross for reasons that they're hiding from us.  Do you remember the legal term called "accommodation party" that was just mentioned and is on pages 85-86 of this writing?  The TNP and U.S.A. I.N.C.  realize that the existing citizens cannot pay back this cataclysmic debt.  The national debt as of this writing is just over 23 trillion dollars!  So what do they do? 

They let the "illegals" cross into America in the hopes that they become legal citizens. Meaning, open up legitimate businesses, using legal work visas, or stay permanently.  When these people become legal citizens, they're added to the commercial accommodation party of the system by getting a social security number.  These "newly" legal citizens then become bound to be a part of the "accommodation party" to pay our debt.  If we CLOSE our borders, we ourselves can't pay the debt off.  If we OPEN the borders, immigrants that are wiling to work for less water down our wages.  What a betrayal!  The TNP are stealing our rights to "the good life" AND any hope for the immigrants wanting to make a "better" life for themselves.  We as Americans need to understand that it is a Lose - Lose situation.   Now STOP here and go back up to this blog and read it again.  Does this make sense?  The President even said that it is the "system" that is broke.  Not even he can fix this.  No President, past or present, can intervene in this deceit!  Did they tell us this?  Of course not!  

The Psychology of the Yellow Fringe Legislation and how it Controls Your Life Economically

" How did  the Transnational Progressives, hiding behind the governments, take away our freedom, liberties, wealth and privacy? It is estimated that from 1938 to current the government, states, cities and towns have passed a combined total of over 122 million commercial Yellow Fringe laws that have affected people's behavior or economics within hard working people"s households in one way or another.

Research shows that from 1884 to 1970 there were over twenty-seven thousand Yellow Fringe laws targeting and regulating the behavior of black slaves and African American citizens. This type of abuse goes above and beyond the definitions of social control. Take a look at these commercial laws.  Do any of these offend you or affect your household?

This is just a small list  of proposed or passed!


Non trans-fat in New York restaurants.

California proposing a law that fines parents $1,000 dollars for spanking your own kids.

Six States passing mandatory law for your little girl to get a cervical cancer shot.

In North Carolina bingo games cannot last more than 5 hours.

In Homer, Illinois it is against the law to use a slingshot unless your're a police officer.

In Saratoga, Florida it is illegal to skateboard without a license.

In Long Beach, California cars are the only item allowed in your own personal garage.

In Mesa, Arizona it is illegal to smoke 15 feet of a public place UNLESS you have a class 12 commercial license.

These are just a small list of Yellow Fringe laws passed right under your nose! They are constantly passing laws like this without us knowing or caring about what we think!

Think about Health Insurance and how it's mandatory that you have to have it.  And the fine WOW! This is true even under the Trump Administration.  Now go back to our twitter site today and look at the laws that are hurting Americans.  Then go and read the rest of these posted blogs. Has the light bulb clicked on yet?

Quit deceiving mankind and tell the people the TRUTH about the Yellow Fringe!

So that we have no confusion, I will make 2 POST on twitter for the world to see. Then I want you to come back and read this blog.  Let's talk in simple terms so that the American people and the rest of the world will understand.  There is a group of individuals called the Transnational Progressives.  They are the string pullers that control Presidents and other government officials of all countries by using the Yellow Fringe to accomplish their agenda.  These people hide behind country "commercial" charters.  With their own law they took over our Nation and turned it into a Corporation. You see this law is the economic law that other countries feared while in the meeting in the Hague in 1963.  All of the countries that where present were against the the United States having their own PRIVATE commercial law.  Why?  It's because they could use that law to take over other countries economically.  

They could buy other countries assets, buy news reporting agencies and control everybody economically.  They used the "commercial" laws of the Yellow Fringe to set up stock exchanges throughout the world to take away the wealth of the people both past and present.  They used the Yellow Fringe to take away our freedom and privacy.  By using this private law they allowed cell companies to gather private information on us.  And because of this intentional misuse of this law they steal from us.  Cyber crime over the last 3 years has been 450 billion annually.  The Transnational Progressives forced political officials to pass the laws of the Yellow Fringe pertaining to health care.  Health care that is now mandatory.  And what happens if you don't have it?  You get fined or at the end of the year they take it from your taxes.   

When you created this law you said to the rest of the world were coming after your wealth and we will make every citizen an ECONOMIC SLAVE.  So, when your at the next ball game to take your hat off or to salute the flag, which flag are you saluting to?  The nation we once had is an actual corporation.  Many Americans will never forgive this betrayal it makes them sick to their stomach.  It's always been about economics to the Transnational Progressives.  MONEY is their GOD and the world is suffering for it.    


March 18, 2009

I'm Ricky Jackson. In the last five years, I've been proud to be a member of the YFC Club. I care about my country. With the help of the club, all of us  (with our voice) will become the middle man for communication to the White House even though the club is not political. My eyes have been opened.  As an African American, I'm seeing huge strides being made in this country with the help of the Unknown Author.  I don't like the fact that the physical body of every person is commercial under the Yellow Fringe.  I'm confident that will change!  So far under every President it hasn't.  I'm very concerned with my children's economic future.  I remember when I grew up you looked for a company that paid good benefits, good wages and they paid for all of your health insurance benefits.  Until the Unknown Author shared his writings, I didn't realize that almost five months of my yearly check goes to paying taxes. 

I owned a car detailing business for years.  I personally detailed my car with the Yellow Fringe membership logo. I'm stopped here in Denver traffic almost every-day rolling down my window and people asking me, "What is the Yellow Fringe Club?" I love the YFC Gear, hat and t-shirts, all of it! As a big fan, I also realize that your voice counts more than the vote.  To this day I receive Inside Edge every month for FREE. I follow the guidelines suggested to not only protect my family economically, but in my opinion, I realize this is the only way left to be heard with action taking place.

What I like is that everything is anonymous.  I'm constantly checking my phone and waiting for the Unknown Author to come to my city or to see when the next radio or podcast interview is, or when the next message of what the fifth protocol is going to be.  I motivate others by helping them understand what we can do to get out of this mess.  After reading three editions of Yellow Fringe, I can't wait for the fourth.  I hope this letter gets read by the Unknown Author personally and at worse case,  I would like to thank him for all that he has done for mankind.  This was a new form of education for me. The Unknown Author is a man who understands how the government works, the ins and outs, and who is behind it.  These step-by-step guidelines are priceless.  I truly believe God works through him (like he does many of us) to deliver the message of Yellow Fringe.  He is motivating our country! The best thing that I've done in my life was to get my hands on a copy of the book and then join the club.  I heard the new website is being revised. My prayers go out to all.


April 16, 2014 - YFC Club member- "I'm a manager at one of the largest credit card companies.  I wanted to share with the club the bottom line of how we make most of our money.  Today there are 45% of credit card holders who just pay the monthly minimum payment to get out of debt.  For each $1,000 dollars you owe and if you pay just the min payment it will take you eleven years of your life to pay it back. Now that may not be new - news to your but after spending more than 100 million dollars lobbying for eight years, the top ten cred card companies finally succeeded in pushing the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, making it almost impossible for average folks to bankrupt debt.  "Why is this member telling us this?" His reply, "I just don't like see people taken advantage of."

May 10, 1999 - YFC Club member- I hope that this message gets to the Unknown Author.  I have followed you since the late 1980's. The guidelines in the book and solutions within the club have had me reassess my family's priorities.  Thank you for all that you have done! Yellow Fringe is a personal road map for all people who live in our country.  Our country is in crisis and it doesn't matter who gets elected.  It's all about the commercial laws of the Yellow Fringe.  All of his predictions have come true.  The message is so valuable.

June 4, 2001 - YFC Club member - "I'm a thirty-three year old mother of three.  When I became a fan is when I actually got my hands on every edition that has come out.  I don't vote any more.  And due to the help of other members not just domestic but worldwide, I'm starting to realize the my voice does finally count. There is a Paradigm shift because of the efforts of one man. the Unknown Author.  I have a great job but realize due to the things that are happening to our country and to all of us economically and financially I am deeply concerned.  The actions of the Transnational Progressives are offensive to me.  I'm so happy this club has made more of a difference than the people in Washington.  Our voice has done so much more than when I was voting.  I enjoy seeing REAL behind the scenes change.   When I turn on the TV and see who the candidates are and all the hoop-la, I express all of my concerns to the club and miracles happen.  I am proud to be American without the politics.  Our founding fathers would be proud of this man.



Each day when news, comments and concerns come in from YOU either from actual mail, E-mail, text or from our YFC MAILBAG feedback button on the site, we will share your concerns with others because it matters to you.  For those of you who are "new" to the Yellow Fringe Club, the "voice" of the website belongs to EVERYBODY unaltered! The Yellow Fringe Network isn't just some you tweet me- I will re-tweet you and hide club. Many actual physical people that have joined our club have been followers... (NOT social network followers) for over 30 years. It is and has been History in the making.  We decided as a club to go mainstream about seven years ago.  The numbers foreign and domestic are enormous yet, most choose to remain anonymous.  It's your voice SHARED literally!

In this arena, the arena of life, our Brand-Logo name is just as popular as the largest soft-drink company.  Do you know why? Do you care?  If you don't you better care...You see unlike a political party that changes hands every 4 to 8 yrs the "voice" of the Yellow Fringe Network is a forever entity.  Meaning, If I died today your voice would still count.  And we all know that TODAY your "voice" counts more than the vote. We are non-political.  All we care about is about what happens within your household ECONOMICALLY!  I am the last remaining Unknown Author of Yellow Fringe and if something happened to me the rights have been assigned in a trust to a successor to fulfill my role. YOU don't have to worry about the fighting between the two political parties.  SCROLL down after you read this to the blog titled, "IT"S YOUR CHOICE". Just go to the Network and express how you feel and take action!  The first step is to read or listen to the MESSAGE of Yellow Fringe.


To Economic Security,  




ps. Tomorrow I will share letters from the heart from the YFC MAILBAG dating back from the 1980's to very recent.  I don't mean to be a pain in the -  butt-  ha ha...  BUT Please don't forget to read below the blog dated April 4th titled, IT'S YOUR CHOICE!

Do you feel this way... If so read Yellow Fringe or listen to our podcast FREE on our web-site!

ATTENTION: Whether or NOT you treat this writing as an EMERGENCY is up to you.  Now that the election is over, here is how most Americans still feel.. First,  I'm going to ask that you put down the cell phone, turn off the video game, and stop watching your favorite TV show and hear this message.

The talk at work, at social gatherings, churches, coffee shops, and behind close doors is... What's happening to our country?  Why can't I afford health care?  Why don't I have privacy anymore?  Where did free speech go?  Why do I have to live on credit cards?  What about jobs, my kids' college education, health care, and living paycheck to paycheck?  Why are there so many "illegals" crossing the borders into the United States and other border crossings worldwide? Why are there so many cities and countries going bankrupt. What is happening to religion? 

A 32 year old man, still in the prime of his life, once told me, "Id" like to get the hell out of this country.  I don't like the government controlling every aspect of my life." By the way, he fought for us in Iraq. The MAJORITY of Americans feel this way.  However, the television networks and the media seem to pay more attention to MINORITY opinions making them look good and fine when it's not. We all know that what we see on TV is true, right?  What's sad is that people are intimidated by our own government.

I saw a lady lose it emotionally when her child said, "Mom, is it OK to be gay?" She replied, "What?!  His reply, "It's a class slogan from school ad that slogan said 'IT'S OK TO BE GAY!'.  "What kind of message does that send to the MAJORITY of us?  All of these events and examples above have an answer to them.  The "specific" answer to these problems plus much, much more can be found reading or listening to the podcast of Yellow Fringe.

You see these people are NOT government haters or right wingers.  They're just average folks like you and I.  Most of the people in society believe that DRASTIC change has to be made to the "system" in our country.  And that the President is nothing more than a puppet hiding behind the power of the Transnational Progressives.  They are tired of listening to the same BS that comes out of every President's mouth. But mostly, they're tired of the system.  

Here's the catch... NONE of you that I have spoken to and have listened to for over 30 years is CRAZY!  I will confirm that you are NOT right wingers or government haters for feeling the way that you do.  I promise, Yellow Fringe will show you step-by-step how "they" not "we" got us into this mess.  Did I also tell you that the majority of us can't even afford t pay for a flight or a hotel when one of our loved ones is sick or is about to die?  Out of all the statistics that come across my desk every day, that one is VERY bothersome.

One out of every two people in our country doesn't even have $300 dollars left at the end of the month after paying bills.  Here is the final blow: When we die the doctors and hospitals take the last of what of what we have left. Sad but true! 

It's IMPORTANT that you take your time and absorb the MESSAGE of Yellow Fringe.  As you continue to read on, your earlier questions will be answered.  Such as...


> What is the YELLOW FRINGE?

> What does all this do for me and my family?

> What should I expect from this Book - YELLOW FRINGE?

> What can I LEARN about Inside Edge that's going to tell me more about  the Yellow Fringe Club, Yellow Fringe Connection and the YF Network?

> What is YFC GEAR?



People Appreciate the Unknown Author's audio version and book Yellow Fringe

"Not since the phrase, "Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall' has a message been so compelling? This is the the 2nd Greatest story ever told." - Thomas Clark, Investment Banker.

"This masterpiece is very informative. What a betrayal!  I personally will never go out and vote.  I realize that my voice counts now more than ever." - Geraldine Spector, Detroit, Michigan

"Yellow Fringe is a road map that everybody can understand.  It took me one hour to read it.  The Unknown Author shows us the specific reason of why and how our country is where it is at today. This book is very compelling.  It shows the reader step-by-step how the Transnational Progressives robbed all of us of our liberties, wealth, freedoms, and privacy--soon to be free speech, and then gave America away."   -Larry Myers, Vienna, Austria

"It all makes sense now after reading this book and listening to the FREE audio series on the web-site, I felt depressed! The Unknown Author gives us a new knowledge.  A knowledge that can't be taught in school. They took the future away from everybody and lied to us all.  He truly is our future's founding father. It's our duty to help him help us in any way that we can.  God bless!"  -Juliette MacDonald, Silver, Springs

"I realize today after reading Yellow Fringe it is my belief this writing removes the majority of the 'pie in the sky' conspiracies of the past. The Transnational Progressives are the source to all of the chaos that is happening worldwide.  The Unknown Authors gift is helping others.  He shows us how we got into this mess and how we can get out of it without the intervention of mainstream media and politics. And that is no joke!" - Jack Clavert, Orem, Utah