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I was a young and inquisitive Venture Capitalist who understood International and DOMESTIC  commerce.  I saw things that were going on in America and abroad that just didn't add up.  In the 1980's while at a convention in Las Vegas, I met Howard Freeman and that was the beginning of the book that pierced the veil.  In searching over the last thirty  years, I became scared and appalled at what I saw in America and in other counties. 

I learned the ugly side and mechanics of how politics, Wall Street commerce, and commercial laws worked hand -in- hand to take away our rights,  freedom, wealth and privacy. What I found inspired me to EXPOSE a world wide plan of deceit against humanity. 

Since the first edition,  I have discovered the specific reasons of HOW and WHY  the erosion of personal rights, financial security, and personal freedoms have been RIPPED from Americans by the Transnational Progressives for their own personal gain. I've dedicated my life to the HARSH reality facing us all.  Yellow Fringe is a MUST read!  It's not pretty, but is the facts.  The one thing " they" can't fight is EXPOSURE!  Find out what you can do..